Miniature poodle puppyMiniature poodle puppy

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Miniature poodle puppy

Puppy Mini Miniature Poodle Vision


Puppy Mini Miniature Poodles has experience in raising miniature poodle puppies that have the not-so-poodle-like appearance. We strive to produce healthy puppies with the teddy bear appearance as can be seen in pictures of our current and past puppies. With the current interest of the doodle breeds, such as goldendoodles and labradoodles, Puppy Mini believes our miniature poodles can easily compete with goldendoodles and labradoodles in appearance, intelligence, coat qualities, and trainability.


Who Puppy Mini Is


Puppy Mini is a breeder of miniature poodles located in Southeast Iowa. Puppy Mini strives for breeding healthy, friendly, and intelligent mini poodle puppies for pet homes. Our large family creates a perfect setting for starting a miniature poodle on its way to being a perfect pet for families of all lifestyles.


Miniature poodle puppyWhat Puppy Mini Does


Puppy Miniís miniature poodle puppies are selectively bred from poodle parents who exhibit the characteristics of being healthy, well mannered, and having teddy bear appearances that resemble more a goldendoodle or labradoodle. Puppy Mini poodle colors include white and cream (or blonde), apricot, deep red, and black.


Why Puppy Mini


Puppy Mini Miniature Poodles normally range in size from 10-20 pounds which is a good size for families looking for a pet that is large enough to interact with children without fear of harming the puppy and small enough to fit into most living arrangements. Puppy Mini poodle puppies exhibit the non shedding characteristic of poodles and have a soft and curly coat that many goldendoodle and labradoodle breeders are trying to incorporate into their doodle puppies. Puppy Mini poodles also have more of a teddy bear appearance that is more common to goldendoodle and labradoodle puppies than the traditional poodle look. If you are looking for a goldendoodle or labradoodle puppy that is 10-20 pounds, does not shed, and looks like a teddy bear, why not consider a Puppy Mini poodle puppy?


Miniature poodle puppyWhat Puppy Mini Puppies Come With


Puppy Mini puts much emphasis on health of our puppies. We do not want a puppy to go through needless pain caused by careless breeding practices. Puppy Mini come with up-to-date vaccinations and our vaccination/worming schedule. Puppy Mini also sends our puppies home with a certificate of health from our veterinarian, sample of the puppy food we feed, and our two year genetic guarantee.


Puppy Mini also emphasizes socialization of our poodles, which assists in the further development of temperaments of our puppies as adults. We spend much time with our puppies and love to watch them grow from birth on. Our puppies spend much of their time during the first couple weeks of their lives with their mother. As they grow, they become more active and friendly and interact with each other and with us.


Miniature poodle puppySimple obedience training is required with any puppy for a well mannered dog, and we start with socialization. This does not suggest a puppy will come fully trained and will be the responsibility of the new family to further teach a puppy what is acceptable behavior, which includes potty training. This being said, our miniature poodles are easily trainable and eager to learn. The intelligence of our poodles goes a long way toward an even tempered adult poodle.


How to Purchase a Puppy Mini Puppy


Puppy Mini requires a $500 deposit to hold a puppy or spot in a litter. Our miniature poodle puppies are selected at 5-6 weeks old in the order they were reserved. The selection process can be performed either by individual pictures we post or in person. The balance of the purchase price plus shipping or tax is due to us by check by the time the puppies are six weeks old. We are no longer offering shipping, so puppies will need to be picked up here (Burlington, Iowa). Our closest airport is Moline, IL (MLI), where we can meet for a fee. All puppies picked up are subject to Iowa sales tax. Prices on puppies are based on color and gender and vary from puppy to puppy. Our puppies are normally ready to go home by ten weeks old.


Thank you for visiting Puppy Mini Miniature Poodles. Please enjoy navigating our website. Please contact us if you are seriously interested in one of our miniature poodle puppies.




Mini Poodle Colors

Our Miniature Poodles come in all colors, ranging from black, red, apricot, cream, and white. Puppy Mini Miniature Poodles has a slightly different classification for our poodle colors. We judge our colors as black, and varying shades of golden red and blonde. The genetics of our miniature poodles gives us golden red ranges from light to dark golden red and blonde ranges from almost white to to light golden in color. Some mini poodle puppies from Puppy Mini many also have other colored markings. We have seen black with light brown markings, and golden red with white markings. Golden red and blonde puppies almost always have more red tint to their ears than the rest of their bodies.


Mini Poodle Size

Miniature poodles will also range in size and we are able to tell somewhat of the estimated size based on the mini poodle parents' sizes and the size variation in a litter. Puppy Mini miniature poodles typically range in size from 10-20 pounds as adults, which is about the same size as a typical miniature goldendoodle or miniature labradoodle that many breeders classify as "petite" goldendoodles or labradoodles.


Miniature Poodle Coats

Miniature poodles are known for having non shedding coats that are hypoallergenic. Puppy Mini miniature poodle puppies range in coat curliness from a tight curl to a looser curl. Grooming is required on a miniature poodle and coats can be kept in a variety of styles and lengths.


Mini Poodle Trainability

Miniature poodles are highly intelligent and have excellent ability to be trained. With understanding of human visual and verbal actions, mini poodles catch on quickly to instructions, routines, and commands. Along with this, miniature poodles have friendly temperaments that give a well trained poodle a satisfying interaction with friends and strangers.